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Charan -Founder
Avinash - Partner


The company was founded in 2021. The founders of Achiever are students from the Telugu States who have completed their Master's degrees and settled abroad. They have settled in respectable positions with reputable companies. They have come together to excel in their philanthropic efforts to help students from their country have bright and wonderful careers like them. Our founders believe that every student has the potential to make it big and their background and resources should not limit them. To uplift the deserving, they have established Achiever Overseas Educational Services


Our goal is to create a platform for every student with a desire to accomplish and prove themselves to the world. We believe that education is the perfect investment you can make for yourself. Like Benjamin Franklin said "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" and we only second that. We aim to empower every student to fulfill their dream of studying and working in North America, no matter who they are.

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